Business and Personal Funding


 Financing approvals: Once you have the company set up which is a very easy process and takes just a couple of days. We can get you started on your funding applications this process can takes 2-4 weeks and will require your attention and responsiveness to move the process along as quickly as possible.

We will put you in with several different sources to maximize your funding and minimize inquires on your credit report. We will then teach you how to turns these lines to cash for your business or investment needs. This will help you get whatever you need for business and have the cash on hand to run your business properly.

The fees for this will with some hard costs and some percentages but will range from 3.5%-12% of funding amounts

New or aged companies
680 plus credit score....  Don't have a good Score?  We can fix that for you! Ask about our credit repair services


Business Entities


The company: the vast majority of business owners are sole proprietors 19.4 million out of the 22.4 million small business out there are not incorporated according to forbes. Banks will lend more money and at better rates with less risk to your personal credit. People think that these companies are hard to start and set up and while that can be true we are partnered up with several sources that have already set up many different types of companies including corporations and LLC’s in various states.

The reason a company is so important is that it gives you asset protection and it gives you much higher approval amounts for funding. The reason we recommend that all client who go in for funding get a new corporation or LLC is so we can guarantee the company will get the funding they need. There are so many pitfalls and paperwork that an active company must file all paper work and taxes and make sure there are no UCC filings judgments or credit claims on an existing active company. That is why we have all clients start fresh with a new company for funding.

A two year old company is best but some of the sources can do newer companies as well these companies cost $3500.

New companies

 Aged companies 

Asset protection

 More funding 

Clean unused and already formed companies

Financial Planning


As a business owner most of us don't have a retirement plan or the correct insurance set up for ourselves.  Ask how we can help make sure you are covered and plan for the future.   We can help you plan to and through retirement